Carol J. Vining Endowed Scholarship

In order to apply to this scholarship, you must: 1) Demonstrate that you were employed during high school 2) Have a minimum 2.5 GPA 3) Reside in metropolitan Chicago area 4) Have an ACT of at least 19 5) Submit a 400-500 word essay 6) Submit 2 letters of recommendation

Supplemental Questions
  1. Were you employed during high school?
  2. Employment during high school
    • Dates Employed
    • Employer Name
  3. Were you employed during College?
  4. Employment during college
    • Dates Employed
    • Employer Name
  5. Provide a 400-500 word essay.
  6. Please upload a letter of recommendation from a teacher, mentor or employer.
  7. Please upload a letter of recommendation from a teacher (either high school or college)
  8. County of residence
    Please select the county in which you have lived for XX years...
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