Gordon Law Group Scholarship

2019 Gordon Law Group Scholarship
Here at the Gordon Law Group we understand that the increasing cost of college tuition makes it challenging for deserving, outstanding students to graduate. So to help, every year we offer a $1,000 scholarship to an undergraduate or law school student who submits the best essay on a given topic.

Write a 1,500-Word (or Less) Essay On:
Should esports athletes be classified as independent contractors or as employees? Does your opinion conform to or differ from current industry wisdom and standards?
At Gordon Law, we work with esports athletes, teams, sponsors, and investors. Since this billion-dollar industry is still fairly new, we want to hear students’ opinions regarding whether or not professional gamers should be classified as independent contractors or employees. Does your opinion follow or differ from current industry wisdom? Applicants should respond with about a 1,500-word submission using at least two legitimate sources, one of which must be from our blog (gordonlawltd.com). The winner will recieve a $1,000 scholarship. Essays will be judged on research quality, organization, practicality, and originality. All entries must be submitted by September 30, 2019.

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