The Richard Cichocki Scholarship
Pursuing an undergraduate degree is a life achievement not easily attained. For many students around the United States, the dream of acquiring a college degree is often overshadowed by the burden of paying hefty tuition fees. Although many students are able to secure student loans, they are often left with the huge burden of these debts after graduation. Unfortunately, this means that even some of the brightest and most talented students are held back from pursuing their college degree, simply because they do not have the financial means to do so.

Thankfully, many forms of financial aid exist to support such students. The initial Richard Cichocki Scholarship is one of them. It consists of a one-time award of $1,000, to be presented to one United States based student attending an accredited college or university. The winner of the scholarship shall be chosen based on an evaluation of not only their application, but also their ability to compose an original and compelling essay of about 700 to 850 words answering the following question.

Question: What future technology will provide the most benefit to our society at large?

Amount: The Richard Cichocki Scholarship is a one-time financial award of $1,000, paid directly to the winning students financial aid account.

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