Personal Injury Scholarship

At Vasilaros Wagner, your Daytona Beach Personal Injury lawyers, we believe in striving to receive a high quality education as much as we believe in fighting for the rights of the injured. With our Fall 2019 Personal Injury Scholarship, our Daytona law office will be awarding a $500 education scholarship to an outstanding student who has been adversely impacted by an accident (see our Practice Areas for qualifying injuries), and who is choosing to pursue higher education, even in the face of great adversity.

We understand that an injury to a person or a member of their family/caregiver can cause an extreme financial burden on an entire family, making it much more difficult to save money for a college education (particularly with increasing tuitions and rising textbook and living costs). It is with that understanding in mind that we have created the Personal Injury Scholarship to help a college student achieve their educational dreams.

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