AmeriWell Pain Management & Wellness Scholarship

The family of doctors and staff at AmeriWell chiropractic, physical therapy, and rehabilitation clinics, know about treating pain and helping people to achieve their optimal wellness. Our chiropractors develop individualized approaches to help relieve and eliminate their patients’ pain. Our doctors and staff come up with plans to help their patients to be healthier than they were before the problem/s they came in for occurred. When we know that people are feeling better and are in less or no pain, we feel good about the kind of work we do.
The AmeriWell family knows the importance of access to education for people who want to help people with pain management and to achieve wellness. We value being able to do the jobs we do and it gives us great satisfaction to hear and see that our patients are feeling better without the use of potentially harmful drugs or invasive surgeries.
For this, we have created the Ameriwell, Pain Management & Wellness Scholarship, 2019, to support the education of a student who has goals to help people with pain management and wellness. We know there are many different fields that people can work in order to devote themselves to alleviating pain and helping people to achieve their optimal health and wellness. We welcome students from any discipline that is giving them a path to follow to achieve their goals of helping people to feel better.

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