Live Oak

Values Guiding Scholarship and/or Grant
Live Oak is partnering with the Wingspan Project to offer the Valuing Difference Scholarship and Grant.
At Live Oak, we recognize the consequences of privilege, oppression, discrimination and stigma, and therefore practice psychotherapy, consultation, and training that affirms the value of difference. In responding to systems of marginalization, people and communities often cope in ways that magnify feelings of shame, low self-esteem, and disconnection. Our affirmative and inclusive approach is based on an understanding of an integrative change process, and therefore provides our clients with opportunities to reduce the disintegrating effects of power and privilege to promote self- actualization and integration. We emphasize the extent to which growth and connection is enhanced more from our differences than from our similarities.
The Wingspan Project (TWP) is a not for profit 501©(3) corporation with a mission to make mental health and related services available to underserved, marginalized, and/or disenfranchised people through organizational and individual capacity building. They are most notably dedicated to supporting services to people who have experienced discrimination and stigma and to those whose identities are particularly vulnerable to systems of oppression.

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