Andrew Lynch Criminal Defense Scholarship

When someone is accused of a crime, it does not matter whether they are innocent or guilty of what they are accused of for it to have a great, negative impact on their life. Even though there are laws in place to protect the innocent, many innocent people are accused (and convicted) of crimes they did not commit. Even though the U.S. Constitution declares that the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial by an impartial jury, many accused people do not experience these rights as described in the Sixth Amendment.

Andrew R. Lynch discovered his calling as a criminal defense attorney when a close family member was investigated, arrested and tried for a felony drug charge. Mr. Lynch witnessed the devastating effects that a criminal charge can have on the accused and their family. This experience inspired him to pursue his legal education and to defend individuals against criminal accusations.

The office of Andrew R. Lynch, P.C., would like to support the education of a student who is committed to helping people who are accused of crimes. We know that while lawyers play an important role in defending people whose innocence are being questioned, there is a whole cadre of other professionals who help these people in different ways.

We have created the Andrew Lynch Criminal Defense Scholarship for $1,000, for a student who is pursuing an education that is leading them to work that is dedicated to helping the accused.

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